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Press Release Distribution On Social Media

Whether or not to distribute your press releases on social media is a topic of much conversation. According to an article published in Forbes, distributing press releases on social media is a good idea for some companies but not for others. It seems that posting the...

Avoid Sending Press Release On April Fools Day

Of all the days in a year, April Fools Day is the absolute worst day to send a press release to the wires. This is noted in a Shift Communications report detailing the worst times to release a press release. Journalists and media outlets are unlikely to take your...

Finding The Best Time For Press Release Distribution

Shift Communications has noted the best and worst times for a business to distribute a press release to the wire services. Many of the findings are unsurprising: Mondays and Tuesdays are the two best days of the week for press release distribution. Tuesdays ranked...

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