Shift Communications has noted the best and worst times for a business to distribute a press release to the wire services. Many of the findings are unsurprising: Mondays and Tuesdays are the two best days of the week for press release distribution. Tuesdays ranked slightly higher than Mondays as far as total releases distributed. Weekends are the lagging time for distributing press releases. All in all, it seems that Monday and Tuesday may be the best day to distribute, but for the best chance of catching the eye of a reporter or editor, perhaps holding off until the afternoon hours is best instead of in the morning hours when newswires are inundated with releases.

The goal is to get in front of the day’s news, so a Monday afternoon release would in theory be ahead of the game for Tuesday morning news cycles. Make the release interesting and eye-catching, by highlighting a specific product, service, or happening that is unique and, at least in your opinion, newsworthy. Hiring a press release distribution service can make sure that your release is distributed properly and completely to the wires.