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“Oh behalf of Washington Deluxe I would like to give personal thanks to the incredible professionals at Send Press Release for their constant high level of client service and communication. We were able to see real results within 24 hours of submitting our press release across top news sites NBC and Fox to name just a few. You delivered exactly what was advertised and more. Your customer care is top rate and distribution has been fast and effective 100% of the multiple times we have used your service. Washington Deluxe is proud to work with Send Press Release, thank you.”

Barry Underwood

Washington, DC

“At UPS we value excellent client service and at Send Press Release your agents are top notch. When we first approached you with our press release we weren’t expecting to see such fast distribution. Unfortunately, other distribution companies promised the same 24 hour guarantee but were never able to deliver in such a short amount of time so we presumed it would be the same with you. Amazingly, you proved us wrong and this is why we will always come back to Send Press Release for your speedy service and professionalism. You can’t be beaten in client satisfaction, great job!”

Philip Hayes

Broward, FL

“At American Bullion press releases are a vital part of our PR strategy for an industry that constantly needs to update the public on current financial news. Your PR specialists have become an integral part of our company to make sure that each press release is written accurately and professionally and goes out through respected news channels. With the follow up report on distribution we know exactly where our press releases are shown which no other company can provide proof of. We want to praise your team for producing high quality press releases and ultra fast distribution every time with 100% success. Thank you!"

Ruby Anderson

Los Angeles, CA

Most PR distribution services fail to guarantee where your press release will be published. You could be throwing away hundreds of dollars on poor distribution services.


We have forged strong relationships with ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX to guarantee your press release will be featured on these sites and across many other top news publications.


100% satisfaction guarantee – you have nothing to loose

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